Cable ladder


 Standard NEMA VE 1 - 2002
Width (W)      100mm – 1000mm 
Height (H)        75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm 
Thickness (T) 1,2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm
Hot dipped galvanized: T (1.5~2.0mm)
Length (L) 2500mm 
Finished surface (F) Electro powder coating(E), Pre-Galvanised(G),
Hot Dip galvanised(H)
Standard color Standard colors Gray RAL 7035 / Orange RAL2004 / Blue RAL 5005. Other colors can be supplied according to customer requirements
Note W >= H
Product information

Cable ladder (also known as electric ladder, cable tray ladder) is a ladder used for the arrangement and installation of electric cables, wires, signal cables, network cables in buildings, factories, apartments, high screws... of constructions to optimize the quality of the system. Neatly organized and organized for easy replenishment, replacement, maintenance or troubleshooting. Cable tray system also brings safety when operating, saving space, cost of materials, time and cost of installation and maintenance.


Cable trays manufactured by Nam Hoa Electro-Mechanical Joint Stock Company help to safeguard the cable and the people during construction, eliminating the risk of tearing or scratching of cable trays in the trough as well as not hurting the construction workers. The shape of cable tray is simple and firm so it is easy to move around the project. The leather accessories are easy to disassemble and handle by hand, thus shortening the construction time.


- Materials: Black corrugated iron, corrugated iron and steel sheets.
- Finished surface: Electro powder coating(E), Pre-Galvanised(G), Hot Dip galvanised(H)
- Standard thickness: 1.0mm - 2.0mm
- Standard width: 75mm ÷ 1000mm
- Standard height: 75mm ÷ 150mm
- Standard length: 2500mm
- Standard paint colors: RAL 7032, 7035. Other colors can be supplied upon customer's request.
Cable ladders usually have no cover. If yes then according to customer requirements.
Customers can choose powder coating, hot dip galvanized, ZAM corrugated iron, industrial galvanized sheet for their products, for longer usage time, more durable and more beautiful.


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