Distribution switchboard (DB)

Distribution switchboard (DB)

Standard IEC 61439 - 1,2
Rated input voltage (VAC) 380/400 VAC
Rated output voltage (VAC) 220 VAC, 380 VAC
Rated current (A) 25÷1000A
Cutting current (kA) 25÷100kA
Frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz
Ingress protection  IP54 (Outdoor)
IP42 (Indoor)
Form  1, 2a, 2b
Number of layers 2
Finished surface Powder coating
Materrial Sheet metal 1.2÷2.0mm 
Product information

Distribution switchboards are designed for using in workshops, factories or distribution of electricity to a floor in a building. Distribution switchboards are compact, highly aesthetic, safe and convenient to operate. The load after this type of electrical wall cabinets is small and medium capacity.

Nam Hoa Distribution switchboards (DB) are designed standard creating favorable conditions for choosing to use in the works. Can be wall mounted or placed on the floor and fixed to the wall. DB electrical switchboard is made of galvanized steel or incombustible material.

Advantages of distribution cabinets DB:

- There are red, yellow, and green phases, which will make installation easy and convenient as well as later maintenance and repair.

- The space in the large compartment is easy to wire in and out.

- The clearly indicated electrical circuits are stratified according to different circuits.


DB distribution cabinets are often installed in operating rooms of industrial buildings, factories, industrial workshops, commercial centers, apartments 

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